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Survey Points before Design

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GradePlane LandGrading Design Software  is for Land Levelers and farmers and provides an easy way to design and output cut/fill maps for grading land to specified slopes. There are no complicated engineering terms to understand and survey data entry is in a convenient spreadsheet


  • Specify Row and Cross slopes, Cut/Fill Ratio

  • Field Size:  100 Rows by 100 Columns, variable grid size.

  • Survey Data Entry in Rod Readings or Elevations

  • Convenient spreadsheet for data entry and import data files

  • Plane Method of Field Design

  • Automatic Best Fit Design based on field Row and Cross slope trends and find slopes that minimize cut yardage.

  • Take advantage of natural field slopes and Design Fields with up to Seven Sectors and blend (hinge) slopes at break lines

  • Import yardage from outside the field or export yardage for construction projects.

  • Force design plane to a specified elevation

  • 3D Graphics view of designs and surveys

  • Multiple Printed Maps:  Cutsheet, Full Design Information, Survey and Graphs.

  • Work with a Full Field Design and Sector Design Simultaneously and compare results

  • Check Cut/Fill Ratios as work progresses.

  • Gradeplane now allows any station to be flagged as a partial station

  • Survey directly into Gradeplane with MEI or Laser Alignment Control Boxes

Data Points after Design

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  GradePlane Tutorial

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